Friday, 15 August 2014

Why Tanzanite is better than other stone in rings

tanzanite loose stone

This brilliant blue stone is the talk of the town and the second most popular colored gem in the United States – all that with good reason. A tanzanite’s alluring color with just the right amount of gleam and its pleochroic properties that add to the blue flashes of crimson and violet make it a colored gem like no other. Not only that, it’s also a color that goes well with almost any outfit! Be it a yellow summer dress, a grey office suit or a deep blue cocktail gown – a tanzanite ring on your finger will always accentuate it to the perfect degree.

Tanzanite wedding rings have hit the red carpet with a bang and celebrities have been showing theirs off for a while now, so if you want a ring that stands out in a crowd and adds a touch of class to your wardrobe then don’t hesitate to go buy one of these! Not only that but it also looks great in multi-stone rings – it accents especially diamonds and emeralds to perfection.

Being a stone with a reasonable degree of hardness as per the Moh scale, tanzanite ring gemstones are ideal for daily use as well. Nothing like a cobalt blue rock on your finger to spruce up the work suit greys.

Its value matches its stunning blue and is greatly enhanced by its astonishing rarity. Tanzanite is mined only in a few square miles at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa (hence the name). Being almost a thousand times rarer than diamonds its astounding climb up the gemstone and jewel market got it a spot on the birthstone list very soon after it was discovered. If you’re a December born then there’s no doubt that a tanzanite is better than any other stone for your ring!
Now that we have established that it’s unique but still works perfectly with any sort of wardrobe collection, let’s come to the internal energy the tanzanite itself possesses. Tanzanite’s are used extensively in healing, psychic power explorations and general betterment of one’s life. It’s said that a tanzanite is capable of assisting you in establishing a link with realms higher than yourself – sort of like a bridge built with crystalline vibrations inside the rock itself. This link results in a unique unification of mind, body and heart of the wearer. Tanzanite also has a deeply protective disposition – protecting you from any danger or harm both physical and emotional – and tends to reestablish stability during uncertain times.

Blue tanzanite’s also the perfect stone to use for metaphysical power explorations. If you are one to go for that sort of thing, tanzanite’s believed to be an earth stone which’s grounded and stable. Its calming effect on the wearer and people around helps him or her communicate with the people in his or her workspace and home; ensuring a serene state of mind and positive personal and official relationships.

Furthermore, in terms of price a high grade tanzanite could be expensive – up to $1000 – but it still stands to be cheaper than sapphires which are its main competition in the colored stone category. Very few gemstones happen to have both a rich color saturation as well as hardness, value and reasonable prices making tanzanite one of the foremost choices in rings.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Engagement Ring - Things to Do Before Buying

Before buying an engagement ring you should know something about it, because an Engagement ring is a life time memory and a symbol of love along with the value of it). While buying the ring everyone will be confused what to do and how much spend on this, what type of ring he/she like. Here are some tips that will help you to buy an engagement ring for your lover easily.

1. Plan your Budget:

According to the research and studies it been found that if you pre plan your budget you can get better designs and options to choose from. It’s assumed that engagement rings are very simple and elegant in design but costly as well. This is mainly because of diamond, which takes almost one person’s two month to three month savings, although which can vary when you decide the final ring.

2. Chose the suitable band:

When it comes to the level of bonding a relation, the ring band plays an important role in the engagement rings. There is plenty of the option available in the market from Platinum to gold to silver. So choose very wisely in the band as that will make a reflection of your bond in your partner’s life and day to day life.

Chose the suitable band

3. Get the right setting with the right gemstone:

The most important phase of the engagement ring selection is the type of gemstone setting. This is the stage where the diamonds or any gemstone is mounted with some accent stones or kind of solitaire style. There are many popular settings known among them few are: - Prong Settings, bezel setting and Flush Setting. Among these “Prong Setting” is very common and popular and available in many variant from 4 prongs to 6 prongs or sometime V shape prongs.

Get the right setting with the right gemstone


The gemstone is very important piece of the ring, it usually a diamond but now these days tanzanite gemstone used very frequently for the rings. There are 4 C’s in the gemstone you should know about them, they are color, cut, carat and the clarity of the gemstone.

4. Know the right size and what your fiancée want:

The size of the ring is the most important part while buying an engagement ring for your lover. The right size of ring you can know easily by sneaking on the ring that your lover wear’s on daily purpose.

Know the right size and what your fiancée want

One more thing while buying the ring you have to know very well is that what your girl want and like. Sometime most of the girls prefer to be going out with his lover for buying the engagement ring for her own. If you don’t want to your girl part of it then just give her a demo ring and find out what she like and then you know the choice of your girl.

5. Understand the durability and better cut for the ring:

The durability of band is the most important factor for the ring because daily activities like rubbing and scratching may cause side effect to ring. So it’s better thing to know the durability of the ring for the long time wearing the ring.

Understand the durability and better cut for the ring

The engagement ring available in market in various cut and the better cut give the gorgeous look to the ring. There are many cuts shape which includes: Heart, Round, Emerald, Oval, Princess, Pear, Trillion, Marquise and Cushion Shape Tanzanite. The Cut is also contemplate as the 4th of the big “4 C’s” and you should know about it before buying the engagement ring, it is more important than the high clarity and color.

6. Purchase the ring and get the invoice:

Now you know the things that should help you to buy the engagement ring, So go to the jewelry store and grab the right ring for your lover and don’t forget to get the invoice that describe the Authorization of gemstone, clarity, color, carat and most important cut.

Toptanzanite provides you the vast collection of engagement ring with the tanzanite and diamond. It includes the 14k white gold with tanzanite, 14k yellow gold with tanzanite and sterling silver with tanzanite.